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done. The choice of the anesthetic is not nearly so

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activity ; along all lines efficiency is emphasized.

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has been termed ^' yellow ^ or Bulam^ or ardent fever ^^^ is still

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to architectural effect. Such things, however, were more common

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have taken great quantities of hemlock. I have, also, been

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ber of registrations, 187. Registration fees: To members. $1; nonmembers. $3;

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perfection when the body is in health; and in many deviations

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Seedling, which was represented as very promising; but while it was

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which 108,858,149 went to countries requiring inspection and 70,046

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XIII. Fig. 1.— The big crossing on the old Cumberland road, Summerville, Pa. Fig.

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tributed. The indications are that the contagion gradually dies out

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and it began to be used in the manufacture of cigars. About 20,000

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impracticable. The latter method resulted in a complete success,

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to reach more uniformity. What a charm uniformity has to the buyer

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clearly understood, the results have been conflicting and impossible

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unknown in gastric ulcer or after gastric operations.

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ganized territory. Minnesota has this advantage: That her forest-

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and asparagin is probably a similar combination." 1

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Probably the most important immediate results of practical utility

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new case of purchase. Finally, the commission authorized sometime since to

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through Prof. S. F. Baird, and by the United States Department of

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peated too soon. February 17th, urine clear; right tes-

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eruptive, are dangerous : the darker the colour, the greater the

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as that always operated upon the bowels and " carried itself

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science. The first professorship evidently established for this pur-

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the practilioner, lest, as is sometimes the case, the salivation

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along the banks of the streams. In various parts of the Southwest,

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Central Texas Bee Keepers' Association. — President, E. Y. Terral, Cameron,

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the United States, directing their attention to the area infected with

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suffered from disease, or any other accident, during pregnancy,

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In 1837 an incident had occurred which had served to check to a

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