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This disease attacks other plants than cotton, and seems to be spread-
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researches in its behalf conducted on scientific principles. A wide-
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demonstrating an active or old lesion. He has found that
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cysts were found, which had, probably, been formed by a col-
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were begun in the fall of 1896 for the purpose of preparing such a
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by Dr. Morgan ; but the British physicians will ask, whether
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thus to compete, or use the same methods, or even to grow the same
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large unbroken stretches of forest, this is the first problem to be solved,
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Dr. Spurzheim, regarding the claims of Professors Gall and
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professor of agriculture. Professor Hilgard had previously been
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based upon their failure an advice deprecating any further legislative
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instance, the effect of some drug. Mention should be made in this
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named State. Spring-wheat harvesting was delayed in the Dakotas and Min-
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States just after the close of the Revolutionary war. These organi-
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mation than is possible in the single lectures at farmers' institutes.
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and tr. of turmeric produced the same changes as. in water
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hausted the soil the cows were sometimes penned upon it.
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successfully, I can very coniidently reconjmend its adoption.
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and marks a great advance in the treatment of our forests.
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The practicability of such a service of course depends upon the
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the soil " are certain compounds of lihe earths, silica, lime, alumina,
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accounts of an acute lung disease of cattle, which affected these animals
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ceedingly protracted, and the sufferings of the patient extreme.
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American Medical Association. Twenty-two Illustrations 1306-1316
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which is soon in the order of nature to produce the most strik-
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and phosphoric acid alone when ammonia is present, will pro-
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and disheartening to the improving breeder. When a New Mexico
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pyorrhea has been treated locally and constitution-
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and encouraged the development of the foremost scientists known in
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recorded in the books of this association or to the Scotch book.
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Observations on the treatment of Varicose veins of the legs.
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the following day. If uterus does not expel fetus, may use
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The Harlequin Cabbage Bug (Murgantia histrionica Hahn). — This, one of
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Jersey station, and many others. Atwater carried out a most elabo-
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College, through which additional light has been thrown on the be-
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" pool to London and back again, for the express purpose of
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went further than simply to select with care the trees which they
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An inquiry into the Process of Nature in repairing injuries of
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and feeding stuffs, creamery glassware, and Paris green; and for the
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of universities as well as of experiment stations. On the whole, for

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