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mentary Treatise,^ the first volume of which only is y^i pub-

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sence of the pulse, and loss of sight, in spotted fevers ; which

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grouse were liberated near Portland, Oregon, and 9 farther west on

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the preceding dressing, but resistance is felt because the gra-

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. plants and their adaptability to speeial soils and climates; the estab-

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ing examples of the production of new sorts by bud sporting are found

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posed to heat, gives out purple vapours, and tinges sulphuric

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that he expects to remove his fourth crop in five years more.

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cleansing with irrigation, using at least 500 c.c. of

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successful in extirpating the disease from the United States, Great

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culture as follows: (1) Agronomy, or plant production; (2) zootechny,

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tity. Dr. Meade's method of obtaining the iron was,

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The extraordinary demand caused a rapid increase in the price.

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Cincinnati, urges that in a woman, say from thirty-seven

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vailed. Yet, prior to the year 1850 no city had received any part of

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deprived of their possessions, reduced to poverty, and inca-

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the Department was conducted in the Patent Office, chemical investi-

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by railroad companies than for those heavy articles with which a ear

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the hands with ulceration and suppuration that was accompanied with

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among the earliest to recognize this fact, and agricultural papers of

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put up; and, deducting something for a little inattention to

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found in similar waters in Europe, and we think it not very im-

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If in any hybrid the character of one of the parents is found to be too

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in character. A water lord is even more undesirable than a landlord

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newal of his worst apprehensions from a loss of confidence in

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legislatures were also more easily led to make liberal appropriations

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he is none the less entitled to praise. He first recognized a plant as a living thing,

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The causes which produce variations are under investigation, and also

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families ; for example, in that of aluminiumj sapphire, ruby,

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at the present time, with a brief reference to the principal methods

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circular referred to were sent out, but for one reason or another the

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investigations along this line, which have been carried on by the Divi-

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correct. I, therefore, resolved to be more careful, in future,

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ceipt by him of this order. Kraker, David A., Lieuten-

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state, and though in some instances, other parts have been

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