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Royal Society of Edinburgh, Sfc. 8{c. 1 vol. 8vo. $ 3, 50.
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setts on the southern coast as early as 1602, and it was first cultivated
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discharge had disappeared, his first and second urine was
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substance, of an uniform light green colour. This substance
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struction of cheese-curing rooms cooled by natural means. Questions
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IT is somewhat singular, that while Dr, Culleii contributed,
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provide for the suppression and extirpation of pleuro-pneumonia and
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or schools of applied science in the same. In the twenty-five remaining States the
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mineralogist has been adopted by Mr. Cleaveland. It is found-
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the facial nerve at a subsequent time. On placing the hand
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sive sublimate, he state? tk-at Sallin denies its producing per-
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there was some diversity of opinion about its being too heavy for the
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disorganization of the stomach hy the gastric juice, and had
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prising that so many locomotives should be employed on such a short
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2. Tossing about, and drawing the bed-clothes frequently,
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for those specially selected cases where reposition of the
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knowledge on the subject. Its principal object will be to dis-
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persistent as seriously to hinder the feeding of the
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diagnosis of malarial hemoglobinuria was made, and this
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to hotels and private individuals. But in the gratification of this
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— a sketch of the Botany of S. Carolina and Georgia,
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Twenty other cases were recorded, in which subtotal
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will occasionally ensue, if this practice be continued."
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culture. Many of the lectures given by Sir Humphry Davy were on
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in the same condition were the facts known. The price of one native
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bred plants were sent out this spring with this object in view. Seed-
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At a boiling heat, indigogene is dissolved by hydrochloric
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* The definition is Praegressis languore, lassitudinae, et aliis debilitatis
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eradication of Texas fever? In the first place, it has given us a ready
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The Seventeen-year Cicada (Cicada septendecim Linn.). — Brood XIX of
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