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cessively red : salivation next ensued, with vomiting, coma.
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is their business to go out and instruct men wherever they can find
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repeat the bleeding, and the evacuation, in this case, must
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pear, that is due the improved quality of the fruit, while the vigor and
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On account of her residence being at a great distance from
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hospital for the insane, let us seize the opportunity
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The present development of garden-seed growing began when David
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particular value for cultivation. In this way it is being demonstrated
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specimens of all species. He then clears the underbrush and sows
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^^ verpooljfive or six years ago.^^ The case came before the
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Illinois in 1899. With its exact definition of game birds and its pro-
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pean origin. The recorded history of American horticulture may be
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'* Report of Statistician of Interstate Commerce Commission, 1898.
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fered to stand several davs. An ounce of this decoction
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towards the end of incubation, receives some extremely
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forth; as will be observed bj-and-by. It does not depend on
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United' States and equal to some of the best in the Old World. The
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tivation. It was not until 1850, however, that the Dorchester, the first
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Iii the first report of Dr. McMurtrie attention is again called to the
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ber of pulsations ; but this is thought by Baron Haller not to
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abroad, formed the beginning of agricultural libraries. Two of these
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Many most important rivers are interstate streams. Some of them are
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cabbage plants was troublesome in the vicinity of Racine, Wis., and was found
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the case. In 1814, in the month of January, I had a patient
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report of 1870 appears to be the first that treated exclusively of the
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believes that the sphenoidal region can be examined
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were tuberculated ; and some of the tubercles in a suppurating
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is converted into sugar. As there is a little absorption of oxygen and a forma-
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The most important agricultural libraries of this country, both from
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Court House is the most notable public building. It
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in which agricultural subjects are taught. There is some agitation
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mentioned the important results that have been produced by the
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organized systematic effort to give the public due warning of the

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