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for the destruction of the ticks which spread the disease, and which

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as possible, the open seasons identical, and protection to be given

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and the history of the work in the United States forms a large portion

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Cornwall, seems comparatively more healthy than the other

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Such a movement would be received in a different spirit from that

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"single" vaccine, that is, a vaccine which when used once would

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condensed into visible vapour. As the sun declines, the

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It is true, that even here it would be possible for us to be mis-

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Puerperal diseases occurring in lying-in hospitals, have al-

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they had ceased to perform their proper arterial functions,

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end. The bird lays only one egg, which is deposited on the bare rock.

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and severe gastrointestinal disturbances necessitated

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ing through our native pure-bred herds it reaches in diluted form our

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made up entirely of works on farming, horticulture, and home mak-

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as well as useful in some of the arts, as, for instance, in calico printing.

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one of the molares on the right side of the lower jaw, was per-

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tity of blood from a Southern cow, injected under the skin or into the

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^ An Inquiry into the Causes of ike Motion of the Blood ; mth «??

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oped. As a result many small libraries are sent out to rural commu-

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Victoria Swine Breeders' Association. — H. Davis, Dyer, Ind., secretary.

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enormous supply, has been the demonstration of the feeding value of

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Advantages unquestionably exist in the climate, soil, water, and

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Michigan _ . Prof. Clinton D. Smith Agricultural College.

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distinguished chemist, as the first chief of Division. Dr. Wetherill

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animals, which we have poisoned with different substances of

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easily irritated, the proportion of the olive oil should be great-

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than at present. With the demand for long stems and the necessity

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In this connection it is admissible to refer to a series of interesting experiments

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State, who, among other duties, was required to spend one year in each

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soma might convert these comparatively harmless parasites into the

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American Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations acted in

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may depend, and the gross and palpable error which has been

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sant symptom, except, almost from the first, a quick and sharp

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