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-purposes, and still others for their guano. An immense trade has

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and no small degree of attention has been bestowed to discover

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general reaction the day following treatment that made

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ber beetle was reported as doing much damage in Georgia, Maryland, and Indiana.

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Fig. 1.— Field of Silverskin Onions on Bloomsdale Farm, Philadelphia, Pa.

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The distribution of the resulting morning forecasts begins in less

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diately cleaned out the uterus, while five used antiseptics

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in the Mount Clare shops, Baltimore, and tried it on the road. It was

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selection of the best land and the largest use of the water supply.

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mentioned the special appropriation of $25,000 made by the State of

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it is possible to determine both the number and activity of the nitri-

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have been already rewarded, it must be acknowledged that,

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tmn. Where this sensation is not produced, ihe cold bath

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at any time, during the experiment, visible. On separating the

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Whatever may be the opinions regarding the contagious or

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all in vain. Sleep, sweet sleep wotild not come. It

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Professor Charles W. Eliot. Mr. Robert L. O'Brien. Dr.

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In Michigan institutes are held in nearly every county, and the

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mail, and railway-train service to more than 73,000 addresses, the

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Case IX. In this case the labour was neither remarkable

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terraces, or the old lake bottom, are coarse sand, containing fine

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quite generally incorporated in game laws, and the shipment of game

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tural methods and machines — indeed, the word improvement is not

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diseases ; and quotations from authors who have written on

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national law under which the stations are organized and the terms

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Hybridization has been the favorite method of producing new

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At the Michigan Agricultural College, one of the oldest of these

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Th^ article to which J refer is contained in the Medical

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advantage, and the particular ferment which is essential to each plant.

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generative stage of the menstrual cycle. Structurally the

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organization to minimize, as far as possible, the ne-

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tion, the deception may be complete, and the most experienc-

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teristic symptoms, as has been mentioned by writers on the

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Volunteer experimenters.— Much of the work done by the Divi-

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were thoroughly understood even then. The original Old Colony

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constant irritation to farmers. Some of these contracts require the

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