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coming generations, and so to prepare a body of sentiment which will
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He complained of its being very painful, so as to disturb his
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©n this subject. In France, M. I. F. Hernandez, in a treatise
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<L-;Cl*fflOfflOl-aRXQ0 CC CCt-t-i>.t-5Oa0Xt-*t--;t- t-i- t- l— l— t- t- L- t- ® iff »ffl
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est chrysanthemum or the carnation of that day would hardly create
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No branch of agriculture in the United States has made greater
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live stock when the terrible blizzard sweeps from the north and as the
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what a hold the Hereford has taken of the range. He is an ideal
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Italian clover, but this name was soon supplanted by the one now in
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quested to trace them into the grey substance, that he asserted
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American Hackney Horse Society. — A. H. Godfrey, room 48, Astor Court
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most instances of its failure to relieve this disease, and I might
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tion. In the eighth month add three, four in the ninth,
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precision they operate, and with what discoveries their labours
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than Dr. Meade; and here the difference, which is not very
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a convenient and full ready-reference book, excluding no information
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The bulletins of the stations are of different descriptions and can not
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brnnchovesicular breathing at apex of right lung. Urine
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tube by ulceration, and were thence ejected. Immediately
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intestines is recorded in a paper of the late Dr. Leltsom.
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so that the force would expend itself upon the pel-
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Dr. M. L. Gr.wes, of Galveston, advises the greatest
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necks, were placed on Protection Island, near Port Townsend, Wash.*
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ment which became less suited to the duties inherent in the purely
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College of Philadelphia. — Over one hundred graduates
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these investigations, is now diminishing. This work is of immense
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was the cause of death ; although the inflammation was not so
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Study of a Case of Congenital Hemolytic Jaundice. —
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purposes, as well as illustrated circulars of information, bulletins, and
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ous symptom, may, by habit alone, lose somewhat of its dan-
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was as yet but little direct contact with the distant consumer, as the
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now neglect the opportunity of examinations post mortem.
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remedy, and 1 pioceecJed to take from a vein on the back of
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mixed with the carbonic acid ; and he has accordingly, in his
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Reserve Corps. Relieved from active duty in the Med-
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began. The road builders of that day knew little or nothing regarding
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before, and this left him freer to pay more attention to other phases
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Mexico. — Sefior Manuel Fernandez Leal, secretario de fomento, City of Mexico.
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area extending from central Texas northeastward to New York.. Along the
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the Patent Office. The opportunities, however, for the use of more
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meeting of alienists and neurologists will be held in Chi-

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