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and seeds for gratuitous distribution among the farmers." This work

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we are not authorized to interfere. Our interference may

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Secretary, Elizabeth I. Cummins, 1314 Chapline street, Wheeling.

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Slight inquiry into education along the lines of agricultural science

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adhered to the one aim to make New York a healthy city.

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along the most important rivers, where easy water communication

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iting, tending toward elimination, should not be in-

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and one which leads with most certainty to distinguish the dis-

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was placed in this business. Unfortunately for the sorghum indus-

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animals is conferred by "An act for the establishment of a Bureau of

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portion of the work injures rather than benefits them. The feeling is growing

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be extended to include experiments as to the adaptability of our native sorts to

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grease (eaux-aux-jambes). The success of this inoculation was com-

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nent basis with a view to the establishment of regular experiment

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tion of a case has been published by Mr. Howship, in which

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The flowers now so extensively grown were hardly known a century

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officer of the school, by a board of the faculty, and by a university

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agricultural science in different countries of the world; special articles

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the experiment station at Knoxville, Tenn., already referred to, trial

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tend, that the impetus of the heart cannot carry it beyond the

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Prof. Lewis C. Beck, of Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J., an

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tares, or any of them, shall be matriculated in this University,

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bowels have become impaired, from the long continuance of the

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analysis and, upon proof of adulteration, the dealer is

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of corporate canals. Previous to this it had been the rule for those

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The pathologist who has charge of plant breeding has been detailed

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diameter, the ligature haying only been drawn tight enough to

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others." A quantity of the gummy part of the leaves was

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greenhouse pest, though not so troublesome as in previous years, was still of some

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Fourth operation, January 24, 1912. Ether anesthesia;

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physiciaii in particular, an acquaintance with the changes

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and for miscellaneous buyers. The following table shows the mag-

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machine for shelling corn, a cylinder turned by a crank, by which a

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