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of seed undoubtedly was to do for the producers a class of work they

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three and pathogens in twelve (staphylococci in eight and

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been carried on mainly in the physiological and chemical laboratories

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tendency of the disease, more than common attention was paid

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of nutrition. A variety of collateral questions have also received

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their severity and hazard are in proportion to its activity and

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such a development as to require a high order of mathematical talent

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dietary needs. This does not directly result in an-

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to positions in the Department which are under civil-service rules.

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but the necessity of attending to them c^mnol be too often

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have been abandoned. He claimed that the older varieties of good

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and are intimately blended together; and in improving soils artificially

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confirm a law established long since by Mr. Hunter, that,

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men, and several experiments were made in which determinations of

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With the writings of Walsh, immediately followed by those of

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the number of volunteer observers engaged, and the publication of a

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or four days ; and hfe was of opinion that that disorder was not

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can-grown Smyrna figs during the summer of 1900 is confidently

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Dr. Lauth, Professor of Anatomy at Strasburg.f The first

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A grayish powder remained, and this appeared to consist of

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bird biographies entitled "Birds of New England," designed to inter-

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mals. As, for instance, it was said of Kliyogg: "He is attentive also

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is absorbed and carried into the system. He founds his opi-

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expert, and market gardeners found that they could get as good seeds

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professor of pediatrics in the medical department of the

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ous state should be, and must be, a skilled diagnos-

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the aid of the industry. Thus, a vastly greater demand for the raw

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are those who complain of some one having struck them on the

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Dietary Studies at the University of Tennessee in 1895. Bui. 29. Re-

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