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pulse much as yesterday. Took from him three ounces of

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amount of those effects. The uterine contractions from being

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oxide of iron ; whence it will appear, that where Dr.

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Department to conduct experimentation in tea growing. While the

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of coldness, and want of action on the surface oi the body, the

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Iii the early part of the eighteenth century there began to appear

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excess of the largest shipments previously sent. The Danish bakers

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ized the departments of agriculture in the land-grant colleges as "experiment

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are certified by an inspector of the U. S. Bureau of Animal Industry, and that the

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nourish their infants. People with thick upper lips, narrow

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upon ; but the infant, being too much exhausted, died, without

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clouds at some distance from each other," — " and it is probable,

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State agricultural or horticultural society. It was the exciting cause

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seeds were planted as an experiment, and their "plentiful coming

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The conclusions are as follows : i. The cord is contaminated

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force. To secure more definite data regarding the adaptability of

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still untoward circumstances strikingly manifest themselves, we

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in general, games in the open air. and also open air

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tlements in Pennsylvania and New England, the first real extension

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invented for the purpose of applying Paris green to potato plants;

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under the direction of its own scientists. When it has trained such

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ing a lumbar puncture and finding a clear fluid nor-

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there was no great presumption, as Mr. Lawrence had acknow-

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It appears, therefore, that the process of pasteurization is at least

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remedial measure in the application of gypsum has been pointed out.

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These coaches finally ceased running in 1853. There were also through freight

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An interesting feature of this movement was inaugurated in a defi-

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In addition to the studies now being pursued, the work of the pres-

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