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precose reviews

of the uterine body have done injury merely to illustrate the fact that

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a sufficient supply of guns and ammunition, on entering into war.

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Beigel has been appointed Physician to the newly instituted department

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CAHERCIVEEN UNION, co. Kerry— Medical Officer for the Valencia Dispensary

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rose to defend the course taken by the Committee speedily proved that

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his poems relate to his profession : for instance, the inimitable Rip

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dered to him by his colleagues in the town, who had worked shoulder

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6. Such Candidates as shall have been found in all respects compe-

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ments behind the fighting line ; the rest help, as much as possible, the

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opinions of the leading men in other pursuits, on questions in the solu-

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Magdalen, and other Colleges, by competitive Examination in Natural

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sages by whom it is arbitrarily expounded in morsels, as of oracular

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most powerful apparatus I know of, to treat local inflammation, ulcers of the leg,

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to give a little series of illustrative cases, there is the College Chapial at

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which is seldom increased in ratio. On account of the ignorance and

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purely chemical point of view. The transformation of grape-sugar into

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to say uninteresting, pages of a museum catalogue. Of late, however,

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a statement of their views upon physiology and experiments in their

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nothing of ten or twenty years hence; but the fniits of the papers and

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General Pathology, ^ during courses including not less than loo Lec-

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augural address, it being three years since the lioard of Trinity College

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favour of the medical education of women in the University, and

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any surgical operation without the aid of filasscs, and that he is free from organic

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of Botany, Dr. E. Percival Wright. Professor of Surgery in Trinity

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other surgeons, punctured it, giving exit to a large quantity of pus. The

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Natural Philosophy, including Mechanics, Hydrostatics, and Pneuma-

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contents of which are to him as like one to another in nature and

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after an artificial roof and a set of teeth for the right side had been fitted

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the ability with which he had conducted the business. [Applause.}

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mary region. She could walk perhaps a mile, or even more, but this

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site for maintaining the establishment till Christmas. As it is, I can see nothing

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minute, and told him to give the sick man some castor-oil. He did

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