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good-roads propaganda seems to have been fully demonstrated.
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upon the work regularly carried on by the several Bureaus, Divisions,
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retical meteorology in the United States previous to 1870, the date when
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are vegetable astringents, taken internally, of any
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ernment to the States to be used for their maintenance. They have
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awakening of the farmers of this country, the volume and depth of
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planted more trees and also enough seeds to produce about a thou-
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much has been effected on the other side of the channel. The
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product could be detected. By Dr. Meade, on the contrary,
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Altmann granules nor those shown by intra vitam staining
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to extend through southwestern Pennsylvania and over the Allegheny
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ning with an exhibition of two merino sheep on the public square at
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She complied with the worst grace possible, declaring, that
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especially in New England. Much interest also attaches to the
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can be loaded to its full carrying capacity as measured by weight, and
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till of November, the witness was requested to go and examine
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readily consented to it, and the operation was performed by '
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toms; (3) symptomatic anthrax, characterized by fever followed by
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Dr. Charles H.Blemer, Sacramento, State veterinarian.
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cases, observation of the outbreaks which developed spontaneously
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seemed to breathe quite easy ; pulse quick and rather hard, but
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Progress of the Beet-Sugar Industry in the United States in 1898. Part
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proposed to investigate the soils of Pennsylvania and Ohio to see if
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forage purposes. If anything was needed in addition to the native
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this last stage, if we wish to know whether the inflammation of
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unknown but doubtless large amount of manufactured hemp in the
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of the Upper Ohio Valley and Middle Atlantic States. In the west Gulf States and
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Alabama, California, Illinois, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia.
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complicated with convulsions of a very violent and alarming
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studies are recorded, while the work is still going on.
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other things, two premium essays on the cankerworm, a history and
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competent men can be obtained and the means at our disposal will
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lent in Boston. At first, a great number of cases of cholera

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