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each year, can gradually stock the waste portions of their farms, but

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of the Union to the great valleys of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky that

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As H. Bouley afterwards admitted, the advocates of the hypothesis of

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stations which had been established separate from the land-grant col-

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ly Professor of Medicine at the University of Kiel. Sec-

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or shape, some being large and others small, some round and others

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Weather Forecasting: Some Facts, Historical, Practical, and Theoretical.

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of this part of medical science, derived chiefly from the preju-

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they were killed by chloroform for the purpose of exam-

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heart of the cheese-making district of New York, the factory system

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that State being up to good stands and growing rapidly, but was badly in need of

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There was something of an exception to the theological and clas-

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houses with certain forcing crops thoroughly demonstrated. Fertilizer

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Forest of Yellow Pine, mixed with White Fir, Sugar Pine, and Incense

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diseases occurring in Porto Rico, and refers particularly to

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Medical Advisory Board of the Department of Health at

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in just the same manner as in the infectious diseases.

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sions, with some modifications, but some of the ideas he advanced

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establishment of stations in connection with the colleges by appro-

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grain, doing as much in one day as seven men could do with the

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Alabama, California, Illinois, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia.

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the lime into gypsum and securing the phosphoric acid in a state

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form of gout, or on the liver in the shape of bilious com-

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lucinations of several senses may be present at the

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ing, sowing, and harrowing) to produce a bushel of wheat, on an

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more frequently than in. any other. In this state of the disease,

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demonstrating an active or old lesion. He has found that

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must doubt whether the stone be free in the bladder." If the

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Professor McMaster's " History of the people of the United States;"

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agriculture. The number will be increased as the demand warrants.

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ures were alike important in the South, where animals were imported

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to exhaust the nerve cells of a crayfish. Nerve cells may

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ing with minute portions of matter. If, however, the same

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experiment stations. This work has been continued and materially

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gation engineers, 5; in charge of substations, 16; secretaries and

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