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were made by Albert Koebele, a salaried agent of the Division of

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states of electricity in bringing together the particles of vapour,

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miles from "Washington, D. C. ; then it moved slowly Avestward. In

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rabic virus. It is no longer necessary for a patient to go

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of the country under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture,

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ous others — sandpipers, plovers, turnstones, least terns, boat-tailed

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In Nebraska 60 institutes are held, with a total attendance of over

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the South Atlantic coast, by zero temperature to the Gulf coast of Alabama, and

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Southern East Tennessee Bee Keepers' Association. — President, M. T. Fouts,

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same institution. In 1853 the New York legislature passed acts

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years be the means of disseminating much useful knowledge. But it is intended

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well-bred calves were made into steers and heifers were sent to the

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many favourable symptoms have flattered us with hopes of re-

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ready it seems, that under the sanction of the successor of Dr.

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proved, that the ganglia communicate to the nerves, which

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" Lawns and lawn making" in the Yearbook of the Department for

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work has been done in the introduction of new varieties of crops

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and Future, was presented by the following editors :

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labor required to produce a given quantity of crops and to cultivate

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During the twenty years preceding 1860 the movement for the

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being exaggerated, are probably far below the true state of affairs,

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maj unite over them, and thej may be found in abscesses after

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clear the throat and nose of Bacillus diphthcricc. In

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117 South Twenty-second Street. of transmission and also of reinfection. Later in

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symptoms, their progress and changes, are very well detailed ;

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is coming more and more to the front among agriculturists.

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cursory and unsatisfactory manner. It is to be hoped, that the

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from inoculation. Yet it would be such as rightfully to influ-

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situated between longitude 150° and 178° W., the most northern

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Unfortunately, this was not noticed at the time, and it had no influence

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Spanish (PI. XXXIV), a hybrid of the Cuban variety, was introduced

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psychiatry, one of which is to be held in Moscow this year.

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favourable to the great and sudden changes which are among the

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syphilitic manifestations; 3, in eradicating syphilis and

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were imbued with the customs of their European homes in regard to the

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for a part of it. Carelessness and a spirit of laisses

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shall cease to produce any precipitate. The muriatic acid,

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