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of which were covered with thin scales, on the right side ;—

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1 Johann. Wilms.. J. Landw., 1899, 47, 251-292. B. Sjollema, ibid.. 305-309.

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By direction of the President. Colonel Charles Rich-

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The study of the Australian salt bush andits value as a stock food, as well as its

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of the Middle Atlantic States and in the Ohio Valley.

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lus, in which the urine was rather scanty, but in other respects

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technic should always be practised, such as asepsis, care-

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Health Seri'ice for the seven days ending June Ji, 1913'

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450 Illinois birds, about 1,000 Wisconsin birds, and an investigation

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show very strikingly the influence of the texture and physical prop-

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the prices of seeds from Dunbar's advertisement of 1767, where the

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The International Paper Company has within a few years adopted

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vessels on the Lakes and on the seaboard, showing a remarkable lower-

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observations it appears that the chick both respires from the

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late that they can return for a second crop in about twenty years.

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the erythrocytes is a most important point in the diagnosis

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that the addition of a head, situated without the bladder, com-

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directly from the temporal artery, by Mr. Dunn of Picliering,

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matter and energy in his body may be determined. In devising and

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must accordingly be at the yearly rate of 20 pounds to the person, or

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hesive and the suppurative, whether it is specifically different,

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The Weather Bureau has always sought to bring its methods to the

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elements of fertility, and hence the necessity of supplying complete

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which might be easily remedied. The inhabitants have sur-

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future from the Pacific coast. The Division continues its studj r of

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the part of organic matter in any kind of plant life. Indeed, it has

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1890 there has been widespread interest in these experiments, and

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acidity ; it is not the source of the light, nor, in all cases, of the

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duction of this particular remedy and the large number of

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tions of the Mind; 2. Derangements of the Internal Functions

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Seed Distribution. — The Department in the distribution of seeds

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12th, the following officers were elected: President, Dr.

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