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so damaged the subjacent nerves. A mark or scar generally
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indication Messrs. Mayer and Meltzer have carried out satis-
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portal vein di-tended with pus, suppurative pylephlebitis The main
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tissues to suture together. He preferred to resect through a
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was passed forbidding the burial of dead bodies close to the
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nation is able to eliminate the greater part of those who are
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fied medical practitioners. It was also provided that every person pos-
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in shape and direction. In growing, the outer half of the
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knot, as the loop had often to be drawn over a broken-down
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obtains among their representatives in the higher levels. If,
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worse, and at length appeared to be near death, and the rapid
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of Yakutsk in Siberia, 100° F. is reached, and at Werchojansk,
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and as complete as is compatible with the brevity imposed
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four weeks he had had pancreas for six days, and liquor pan-
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his notice. In tliis case he drained the bladder through a
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and thanks for the treatment that they had experienced.
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ment made in the preface that the year has been one of " great
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below the mean, while the death curve has a range little more
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daily-increasing interest shown by the masses in all matters
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inserted. For the first few days after the operation some pain was ex-
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or magnesia ; all these have disinfectant actions if a sufficient
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produces an exudation, of which a few drops subcutaneously
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had seen occur when the patient had been enfeebled by pro-

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