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and the influence which is exerted by the character of private water-

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pursuit of mineralogy, as containing, in a moderate compass, the

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foods, feeding stuffs, and other agricultural products, and those

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vent repetition, I will state here, that my authorities concern-

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117 South Twenty-second Street. of transmission and also of reinfection. Later in

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fore not surprising to find some houses in which utility was sacrificed

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again called to her. She was very ill with pneumonia, and had

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manner as to obey those mechanical laws by which their radicles are

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the Barometer of Toricelli and Paschal, was merely an intro-

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at one part, where, for about an inch, it was rough and covered

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North Carolina. — Geological survey, Prof. J.A.Holmes, director, Chapelhill.

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from the Annual Report of the Secretary of Agriculture for the year

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thought of the whole scheme — to bring the light of learning and the aid of science

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contrary to the general opinion. In one case, after a lingering

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ing stock has given an immense stimulus to the Hereford industry.

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from the pyloric region, but one of them at the car-

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useful remarks are added, in relation to a depraved habit of

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taking such a course to become an efficient worker in the farm dairy

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its moisture or to increase its weight and whiteness. Further adul-

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which can compare with the work of the agricultural experiment sta-

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method of extracting from the bark and the wood their active princi-

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rourided the well with a marble pavement, supporting an iron

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Many of our most widely cultivated varieties of grapes, such as the

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upon which the appetite returned and the febrile symptoms

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retical meteorology in the United States previous to 1870, the date when

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in the back ; 3, pain in the abdomen. In one patient with

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