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with the almost complete eradication of the contagion the danger of any infec-
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retain its virulence indefinitely with proper conditions of environ-
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impregnated with alkali, and blue grama and the wheat grasses seem
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possible to change the mental attitude of a person of that
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often reduces cost of manufacture, all being decided advantages.
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bois looks upon the psychopathies as products of "the
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patient saying he feels better and shall soon be well, when
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toward society work. Association is essential to the advancement of
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Fia. &>.— First greenhouse in America, constructed in 1764 (American Florist).
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first necessary to obtain it in a separate state, and this was
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the erythrocytes is a most important point in the diagnosis
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improved sufficiently under hospital treatment to be
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able opportunity, prove to be as well adapted to cultivation as any of the foreign
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relative to the nitrogen nutrition of plants, and which show the mis-
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be judged by the same standard that is applied to other college courses,
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rapidly, and for this reason the method, proving unsuccessful, was
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college of agriculture. This school has been largely attended and
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1865, and 1868, he published an annual report in the "Transactions
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In 1858 it became a daily bulletin. In 1863 he first made predictions
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plan appeared to consist in the judicious administration of emetic
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the staring expression, the exophthalmos, the widening of
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year. The experiments also seem to have had positive results, as it
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the South are described, and in the same paper fifteen economic
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In 1878 seed growing was in its infancy in California. Seeds had
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their means will allow. This outside demand has, however, grown to
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nor speak, except in a whisper. The eme'ick was repeated,
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endured on long journeys, and they began to demand radical reform.
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before the needs of the lands or the crops to be cultivated were
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fare, for vastly inferior service, is 2 cents per mile, but only on certain parliamen-
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world, such as those producing fruits, dyes, nuts, oils, and tans, those
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those cases in this series autopsied are not record-
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As a result of fourteen years' work the Biological Survey has bi'ought
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cultivated and made good growth. Rapid progress continued in transplanting

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