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twenty-four cities. A copy of this bulletin is given here as an inter-
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as to its contagious character in case the disease were found. Opin-
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if the child's indisposition attracted no notice till the local
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' Third, hallucinations are rare in paresis. Of the
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remove any crystals of indigogene adhering to it, was after-
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It was also recognized that flour made from hard wheat is to be more
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Under the law, when Senators, Representatives, and Delegates do
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Mr. Calhoun, although a stanch believer in the doctrine of State
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in their symptoms, and at the same time, so unequivocal in their
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investigation which the Department has undertaken, it will be nec-
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at first made by a new manifold process, and they were published in
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too much to ask that it be conservative. The pictures should be as hon-
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in this direction, and (2) after the recognition of this need there has
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The bleeding had not returned on the morning of the 29th.
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Dakotas, Minnesota, and the Middle Atlantic States the weather was more favor-
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to heat, until the greatest part of the powder was dissolved.
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parents to children, or why it appears in the child
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cents to all. Duplicate certificates, 25 cents. Affiliated foreign society: Here-
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extent, and, with the further development of the manufacture of beet
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sponding secretary, Dr. Harry .A. Stout, of Wenonah. re-
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portions of its track. The verification of the forecasts shows that on
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collected for food on the Pribilof Islands, in Bering Sea, and II. W.
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in which a number of short articles on different subjects based on the
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"Previous to the -interesiiiig esperiinents published by Mr«
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sific or peculiar in its exciting causes, every individual is equal-
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the uterus, and not sooner, that the foetus can turn upon iti
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longer with economy, so that the question has been raised whether
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"Encouraged by his successful use of Savin in one kind of
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which the scholar contemplates the ruins of the Grecian temple
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the plants being longer on the ground and exposed to attack from
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economy in its use, the reclamation of an increased area, and a larger

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