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it can be inferred that this process of beginning at the bottom will

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testimony" against this doctrine. But in the discussion of this

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the extinction of the disease, the last cases having occurred in October,

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to a shorter period." After a full account of the life history of the

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Such a suspicion I should deem just and laudable, and in propor-

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deserves as much credit as the Board of Health. It has

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to forty-seven years of age, any symptom referrable to a

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pose of ascertaining their opinion. The result is as follow s : —

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upon which the appetite returned and the febrile symptoms

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interest in nutrition investigations is not confined to any one region

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thirty-six hours ; and on opening the body, no appearance of

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Additions to the Library during the past year have numbered about

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the successful use of emetine salts in the treatment

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The instrument, now proposed, consists of two handles and

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co co -ih'o Oi-nnoxNOsco' »o> »g >o >c co co t- o >c ir:'-w >c

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doses than before and compare results, using silver as

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perhaps removed the field of possible infection, but

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tion of which hybridization played an important part. The effect of

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Messrs, J. Bartom, M. D. &c. and Calvet. Paris^ 1814»

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made heavy drafts on our native birds, and have decimated some

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lately been made the subject of interesting experi-

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Those metals, the oxydes of which perform the office rather

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of life, physically, mentally, and morally, means a

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tion; which amount is estimated at $3,000,000 per annum. The total mileage of

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had begun the work of forming a substitute for the part obli-

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National Cheviot Sheep Society. — Howard H. Keim, Ladoga, Ind., secretary.

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century to the present time. In the agricultural experiment stations

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the repression of diseases of plants. The bacteriological work of the

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Forage Plants for Cultivation on Alkali Soils. Reprinted from Yearbook

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act provided for the assignment of Army officers to duty in the

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labour, she took an airing in a coach, over a very rough road,

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