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on the bowels, which this quantity never failed to do ; the

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growing under glass it is not difficult to trace the marked influence of

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of Great Britain and Ireland; Yorkshire Coach Horse Society of Great Britain and.

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It will be observed that section 5 of the regulations relates to the

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severe cold wave of last winter that destroyed so many fruit trees

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sidered the most fertile and most valuable for general agricultural

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but whatever this change may be, they still offer spots or lines,

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water were added, and the whole was boiled to dryness. Upon

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for the production of which artificial conditions largely are main-

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It was completely formed, and lined the whole trachea. It

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the establishment of branch societies throughout the State. This pro-

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people, a philosophic dress and an air of science. The au-

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amination of the part now before us. It contains eighteen

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that sensation and action are diminished after the use of these

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while the other, under the management of Mrs. Joseph Carter, Mrs.

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ally by means of autogenous vaccine, he nevertheless

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remedy, and 1 pioceecJed to take from a vein on the back of

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ral diseased state of the lungs seemed to me to have been the

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planting varied from $18 per acre for the pines to $75 for the oaks.

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terior part of the abdomen behind the liver :" in this state

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ence, Mo., secretary. Number of registrations: 90,000; date of first herdbook,

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amended bill. A similar measure was introduced in the Senate May

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ed with exquisite skill to the state of chemical knowledge

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stated that his urine was black in color. Had had malaria

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a number of years little was done in the way of original investigations.

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erable expense for telegraphic messages, so that a scheme of operations

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was 1,200,000, of which 1,000,000 were Farmers' Bulletins.

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twenties, and its use for this purpose was urged in the United States

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all the seventeen States and Territories of the far West. One of the

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Holland, and Jerseys and Guernseys from the Channel Islands, are

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almost threadbare, so far as the press is concerned. But instead of

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