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as teachers are developed who more thoroughly understand the appli-
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Animals feed on plants and on other animals fed by plants, so that the sub-
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ment station, Walla Walla, Wash. Fig. 2.— Kafir corn, grown in South
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portion in the different types we find of the total
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5tarr5do ois^si'O cc o ut -x — t- rr c-i ?! SS l- t-* t- 3; :o c- i- :b i-o
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he believes to be essentially allied to dropsy. Lastly, he has
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was always the same ; and therefore I have no hesitation in
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larly in the States of New York, Ohio, and Illinois. Shortly after this
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1878 that this invention, if used throughout the United States in the
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these important transactions are largely based on conjecture. The
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American Kennel Club. — A. P. Vredenburg, 55 Liberty street, New York. N. Y.,
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often for the express purpose of deceiving the inspectors. These
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say nothing of the improved local meat supply. Many of the principal
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For the removal of the ascaris vermicularis, enemas are the
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ratus of all kinds by means of electrical attachments, including
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This portion consisted of a collection of distinct roundish
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ber 13th, I gallon; November 15th, i gallon; November
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Here is an example of the radical change wrought in dairy practices:
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that section of the organic law creating it which makes it an essen-
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blow-pipe, the magnet, and the electrometer, which are point-
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discovered. A new disease, known as little peach, has recently appeared in the
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very desirable articles of commerce. It is designed that our own
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more particularly as he assumes, as the foundatio i of his ar-
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many seed farms were established between 1860 and 1870 as during
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The vegetable alkali referred to is potash, and its efficiency was
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lines, there is found as great a variety as in the various features
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Clammy-sweats are the secretion of death ; and are one of
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Babcock — Losee. — In Adams Centre. N. Y., on Wed-
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At nearly the same time the Society for the Acclimatization of For-
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I am not aware, that this mode of obtaining pure potash has
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crura into the inner bulbous part of the corpora striata, and are
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equal distances apart, beginning near the bottom of the hogshead. '
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Dr. J. G. Cole, of New York, says that gastroscopy,
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process of suppuration and granulation. The treatment, in
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To this point I had waited for the reappearance of the

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