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were six times as great as for the same month a year ago. This new

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embrace the occipital portion of the child's head resting there,

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to nearly every variety of soil and climate and to almost every require-

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gun to heal rapidly, although it had made perhaps little or no

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a revised report, giving horse raisers facts regarding exports, as well

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farmers' institute, and traveling library will help in this. But also he

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could be no organism of nitrification, since no organism separated

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** this much esteemed fabric of human reasoning receive no se-

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ciations continued in existence, holding periodical conventions and

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this Division regarding the cultivated plants of the Tropics. There is

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There have been numerous other questions that have been investi-

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are subject and the evils in which they are likely to result.

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Observing by my own cases, that an ounce of the tincture,

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then it was drawn to the wound, but was found too large to pass

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connected with this subject, we find the most urgent reasons why we should apply

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ble degree, the cough became more troublesome. The hoop;

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of Agriculture. The Prussian Government has provided means for

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suffered from drought in Ohio, but in other tobacco States the general outlook

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make use of in a disease occurring in an unusual state of the

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these four groups are protected at all seasons, but provision is made

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urea injected in the vein of the ear, but sodium chloride

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be quite stable and is not destroyed by the temper-

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Once more the genius of Pasteur was equal to the occasion, and he

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to the present day, this should be observed to occur from the

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being set right, if I am wrong, upon this point, and shall not

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Commissioner Newton, in his first Annual Report, paid a fitting

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ferred her to me; and a note from Doctor Barker stated

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special investigations on the subject among the growers of that

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atory technic afford ample justification for the belief that

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